The CQC Difference

Are you looking for a consultative dental lab with a personalized approach for qualitative dental treatment planning? CQC Dental Lab provides three things dentists demand: Communication, Quality and Consistency. Many dentists agree; we have clients from all over the country who prefer our sort of dental lab expertise/consultative approach, developed in Robert Ingrassio's 30 years as a dental technician. 

When we receive a work order, we don’t just look at the instructions that state, “Make a crown for the second bicuspid.” When you enlist us for dental treatment planning assistance, we look at the patient’s entire mouth. we search for unusual wear patterns, discoloration and other details that might help you and, most importantly, help your patient.


We are dedicated to the best interests of our customers. By listening to the needs of our doctors and their staff, being knowledgeable and available to advise and serve, we make you our priority.


CQC’s collaborative yet systemized quality and consistency approach ensures that restorations seat fast and take up less chair time. 



We set the highest of standards to achieve exceptional results. We will work as a team with a sense of urgency to create and provide superior products and service.